Greenland lost 11 Billion tons of ice in one day

As the Earth keeps getting warmer with every passing year, its ripple effects have increased multi-fold.

Amid the harsh summer experienced this year, it has been reported that Greenland has lost 11 billion tons of water in form of ice sheets. It is a relative measure of the imminent crisis our Planet faces. Another few degrees change in average Earth temperature will lead to a global existential outage.

Greenland especially has been melting faster than ever. The Island lost 11 Billion tons of ice according to Danish Meteorological Institute. At this rate, it is on course to face the worst possible effects based on a pessimistic model for 2070.

It is still recovering from the deadly heat wave that struck Europe this year. And Scientists have noticed a stark increase in heat wave occurrences all over the world, especially in Europe.

As per DMI, 240 billion tons of ice have melted, since June, in a span of little more than two months. In comparison, 290 billion tons were lost in all of 2018, indicating that last year was more favorable.

The climate crisis is real and we’re in this mess together.

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