China bans dog-walking in city parks

China wants to beautify Beijing and it’s going to make sure that the dogs pay for it.

Authorities in Beijing have banned the walking of dogs in city parks in effect from today despite harsh public criticism.

The Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau has blacklisted a series of behaviors it deems ‘uncivilized’ in public parks, such as walking pets, making loud noises, digging wild vegetables or fishing.

Beijing had to call for this strict measure owing to irresponsible behavior of dog owners. Some dog owners let their dogs off their leash which is a trouble to fellow park visitors. Sometimes owners refuse to clean up their dog’s poop that annoys the hell out of other park goers. This situation prompted the Municipality bureau to ban dog-walking.

Beijing Gardening and Greening bureau will be strictly enforcing this and will keep around 1000 volunteers on standby watching out of dog-strollers aka perpetrators.

Pet owners in Beijing are pissed as they increasingly find it difficult to own dogs as many housing communities have banned taking them out in public fearing their aggression. But there are nice dogs too right? Just a few bad dogs needn’t mean that all dogs are bad too.

One thing is clear— Don’t take your pet dog to Beijing.

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