GoT S8E03 : The Long Night

This episode starts right from the conflict and WOW what a battle! If you haven’t seen the latest episode definitely go watch it. If not WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

The battle at Winterfell was everything and more than what we hoped for and as expected there are definitely a lot of bodies that have hit the floor.

Melisandre’s re-appearance

Melisandre came from nowhere showing her powers, lighting the Dothraki’s blades in the beginning as well as creating a large trench fire for keeping the dead out for a while.

Dothraki’s Attack

The visual of the Dothraki’s flaming swords disappearing as they were consumed by the wights was chilling. But we were like, Instead of sending the Dorthraki to the deaths, why didn’t they attack with the dragons first?

Edd protects Sam

Edd saved Sam from certain death and paid the price most others shared during the battle.

Lyanna Mormont’s bravery

The Little Bear went out like a boss and plunged the Valyrian steel right into the giant’s eye just like Ramsey Bolton did! Unfortunately, the giant took her. Hate that it happened to her. But it was fitting for her character.

Crypt’s invasion

The deads were able to tunnel in the crypt as well, killing Gilly and others who were hiding underneath. Luckily, Sansa, Tyrion and Varys managed to the safe zone.

Ser Jorah – The man of his words.

Jorah had the most honorable death by defending Daenerys in open combat. Without him, the Mother of dragons would have been dead a long time ago.

Beric’s life purpose

Beric Dondarrian was brought back from death by Lord of Light for nearly like 20 times for a purpose to help Arya get to the Night King.

Theon – Dies a Hero

Theon could have given his long life of being a reek and continuously failing to be the hero he always wanted to be, But When the night king was about to kill Bran, it was Theon who faced the Night king in the most courageous way anyone could have.

What is dead may never die.

Arya Stark – The Night Slayer

Bran has been seeing the future right from the beginning! Considering the Night King has been one step in front of Bran with ‘knowing ‘it shows how much Bran has become the 3eyed Raven to keep Arya’s role a secret.

Like the irony of the dagger meant to kill bran saves him. It was Bran who gave Arya, the Valyrian dagger and said that she’ll need the most

So it’s Arya who killed the Night King, everyone!  She DID stick him with the pointy end. Arya has been training for this all her life and She’s such a badass!

Melisandre – Rests in peace.

When the whole battle was over, Melisandre walked out of the gates and removed her magical choker and turned dust into the snow. The music fit the visual so perfectly. She was basically waiting for this moment to fulfill her destiny we guess.


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