Avengers: Endgame memes you might have missed in your weekend

This weekend saw quite a splash, with folks hurrying to catch up the latest and the last installment of the Avengers: Endgame. The whole internet can’t stop talking about it. While you will find blogs and YouTube pundits giving you reviews and spoilers, we decided to collect the best memes of the internet.

And for those who haven’t watched the movie, no worries because these memes are SPOILER-FREE

1. Me walking out the Theater


2. RIP Stan


3. NOOOooo…



4. Let that meme sink in


5. You’d get this if you had watched the movie


6. We’ve had enough Antman up Thanos’s ass memes


7. So much I could relate to.


8. Not here again old man


9. Audience Chorus: “Do it! Do it! Do it!”


10. More appropriate than the original posters


11. Real God to Rap God


12. “I am Iren Min”


13. None of it is true, Watch the movie folks


14. This happened to me



15. **Hysterical smile**



16. PewDiePie is everywhere



17. Thanos invited to Thanksgiving


18. Lucky we have Scott


19. Who did this?

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