Forget Friendzone. Sparezone is worse than that!

Here’re the brutal signs to look for…

No chemical in this world would poison the heart than hearing the word ‘Let’s break up’ from your girl. And, if the reason is ‘There’s someone else’ its a deadly nightmare. While there are so many signs that’ll help you understand if you’re being ‘friend-zoned’ but ‘Sparezone’ is something unpredictable and keeps you blindfolded until it struck your heart.

Firstly, What is Sparezone?

In short, the girl of yours isn’t sure that you’re the right one and she decides to continue with the relationship just to avoid end-up being alone. Yeah. that’s right. You’re just a failsafe backup.

What Are the Signs of Being Sparezoned?

Here are some concrete signals that she can give you to understand if you’re being sparezoned,

Never Stepped Into Her Circles – You feel that you both are very close but yet she never introduced you to her friends and closest ones, it’s a red alert!

She Dictates – Being it getting intimate or going out if she’s the one who decides ‘when’ and ‘where’ all the time, its time that you raise your eyebrows.

She’s Distracted – If you haven’t figured out why she forgets things about you and often being distracted about something else, boy, you’re in trouble.

Her Priorities – She posts with someone else more often on social media. She spends time with others on weekends than you. Man, buckle-up, its a wake-up call!

Can She Be Blamed?

Nope. No offense fellas. You can blame a girl if the boy didn’t win her over 100%. Sparezoned never means that she’s cheating on you with someone else. It’s just that she isn’t sure that she found the right one. We have a quote that ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ for a reason. If you really want her, try understanding what she wants, and see that you can be a man of her expectations. After all, you cannot blame her if she leaves for the one who meets all her expectations.

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