6 things in Avengers: Endgame that didn’t make sense

Ever since I saw Avengers: Endgame the nerdy in me has been trying to point out the seemingly ‘flaws’ of the movie.

Ever since I saw Avengers: Endgame the nerdy in me has been trying to point out the seemingly ‘flaws’ of the movie. I do love entertainment but honestly, I take sci-fi and superhero movies with a fair dose of skepticism.

“Shut the f*** up” yelled my die-hard Marvel fan who met me before watching Endgame. Every time he sees me, he closes his ears, pretending not to listen to me so that I won’t spoil the movie for him.

I had a lot of questions and waited a long while to put them out there. So peeps who haven’t watched the movie, don’t read any further, for these questions contain major spoilers that’ll ruin the entire Avengers saga for you. I really recommend you go see the movie.



Stuff that didn’t make sense to me, here they go:

How did Captain age like a human?

Captain America never lost his youth and charm despite being stuck in the ice for 70 years. If that’s the case, how did Captain age like a normal human towards the end of the movie? He’s supposed to be a superhuman right? Even Bucky, who’s not as powerful as the Cap didn’t age for 70 years.

That Loki scene in Alternate universe

The whole plan of the Avengers was to steal the stones from the past and return them to the past once the job is done. Otherwise, as explained by the sorcerer supreme, it would create time branches. But Loki stole the Tesseract from 2012 and it was never returned. So what happened to that past?

Why is Cap sitting on the bench?

Everything about the scene where Captain comes back to the present timeline after returning the stones and having a ‘normal’ life seems, well, ‘wrong’. I know it is a heartwarming scene that probably had you in tears but if Captain decided to stay in the past, it automatically creates an alternate time branch and he should end up in that time branch. One can’t just mess up a different timeline. He could never be in the same timeline as the Avengers. Okay, let’s say I am wrong, still, if he decided to live his full life with Peggy in an alternate timeline and then return back to the main timeline, the only way to come back would be via the quantum tunnel. There’s no way he could be sitting on the bench overlooking the lake as shown in the movie.

How many Pym particles do they actually possess?

It takes one whole capsule of Pym particles when someone shrinks. This means ant-man and Wasp used gallons of Pym particles during the fights in their movie. Right? Also, after the whole ‘time heist’, they’ve used up all the Pym particles. Yes, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark go back to 1970 to get more Pym particles, but just a few capsules. Considering the lack of capsules how did Scott Lang shrink and also become a giant man later in the war?

The reality stone

The Reality Stone (Aether) was self-defensive when it was inside Jane Foster’s body. The stone defended itself when someone tried to harm her. So how did Rocket take it out of Jane’s body so easily without causing an explosion? I personally felt that this chunk of the movie deserved a bit more explanation.

Where was Korath in the alternate universe?

Not big of a deal but where was Korath when Rhodey and Nebula took the Power stone after hitting Quill in the head? Korath was there when Quill took the Power stone. Even if Rhodey returned to the quantum realm before Korath arrived, Nebula was there for quite a long time.

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