Favorite TV Shows on Netflix 2021!

The virus hasn’t left yet, nor our boredom. So here is a list of must-watch Netflix shows that are my favorites as of April 2021 that you may have missed,


  • Behind Her Eyes- What happens when the mother has an affair with her boss and befriends his wife secretly? I bet the mind games in this occult fiction will leave you wanting more.
  • You – Watch how a simple crush turned into an obsession wreaks havoc in people’s lives with this psychological thriller filming its 3rd Season.


  • Love Sick– The story revolves around the male lead who has contracted an STD and is tracking down his past partners with the help of his two friends. The intense British humor makes it one of the best shows with a fresh plot.
  • Schitt’s Creek- A bankrupt couple is left only with an unpleasant small town to their name. Their transition from rich to poor with class is simply hilarious, making it a must-watch.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • Umbrella Academy- This is one of the robust sci-fic creations. With romance, comedy, sibling rivalry, bad parenting, foolish choices, time travel, superpowers, mysteries, and saving the world. The show is relatable and out of the world at the same time.
  • Sense 8- Eight strangers, connected by vision, thoughts, and the urge to know why along with an organization that wants them dead. Don’t miss this gem.


  • The Crown- Curious about Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ? Watch this show to know about the romances, politics, relationships, personal drama, and the reign of the British queen.
  • The Last Kingdom- For all the GOT fans, this show is a treat. With 7 kingdoms fighting for dominance, our hero struggles to choose between the kingdom he was born in and the kingdom he was raised in.

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