HBO Max to Stream ‘Warrior’ Season 3!

Warrior Season 3 was dropped due to the pandemic has resumed shooting now. Here is what to expect and where to watch.

Being a historical pulp fiction, “Warrior” has depicted the Tong wars and the tension between the Chinese and Irish neighborhoods of San Francisco with agreeable accuracy.

The story is set in 1878 when Ah Sahm, an English-speaking Chinese man, goes in search of his lost sister Mai Ling in the dangerous neighborhoods of Chinatown where rival gangs and cops are at each other’s throats.

Shanon Lee, the producer and daughter of late martial arts icon Bruce Lee and Jonathan Tropper, the show’s director, revealed that the show was based on one of the stories that Bruce Lee wanted to act after the grand success of “The Big Boss”.

Bruce Lee’s pitch was rejected as American TV Shows with Asian leads weren’t promising back then. Even after its release in 2019, the show was ultimately scratched off by Cinemax due to it not gaining enough attention.

HBO Max bought the broadcasting rights to the show in 2021 and has developed an active viewership count that has been increasing ever since.

Now when fans were left wanting for more the pandemic had caused the shoot to halt. Shanon Lee and Tropper assure that they have begun filming the third season entirely due to massive requests from fans, and it is all set to release in 2022 on HBO Max.

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