Favorite Series of 2021 Ranked

Find out whether you have watched them all or not now! 

Favorite Series Of 2021 Ranked
Favorite Series Of 2021 Ranked

Here is a curated list of five world-famous must-watch series of 2021 ranked and they are better than ‘Squid Game’. Find out whether you have watched them all or not now!

Only Murders in the Building

This crime comedy combo has three main leads. The odd friendship between a veteran actor, a struggling young adult, and a broke director survives on their common obsession for true crime. The series sets into motion when a neighbor is murdered.


A talented soccer team is stranded in the wilderness of Ontario following a plane crash. The team reveals their story 25 years later, explaining in detail the thrilling encounters with warring cannibalistic clans, internal issues, and a twist in every move.

Mythic Quest

Are you a fan of ‘The Office’? Then you should definitely try out this latest but new take on workplace drama coupled with comedy, incredible acting, and sentiment.

What Do We do in the Shadows?

This is not like every other vampire story. The horror mock story is a breath of fresh air from sexy vampire stories we have come across so far from ‘Twilight’ to ‘Vampire Diaries’.  There is strong chemistry and incredible storytelling throughout the three seasons.


If you are in for the rom-com that resembles none of its predecessors then Starstruck should be first on your list. It’s not cheesy, cringe-proof, best of all it will definitely fill your stomach with teenage butterflies. The witty story revolves around a dynamic character who is complicated and simple at the same time.

La Palma Erupts

La Palma Erupts

Cube Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted On Moon

Cube-Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted on Moon