Cube-Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted on Moon

The Yutu 2 rover has been cruising the moon since 2nd January 2019.

Cube Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted On Moon
Cube Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted On Moon

The Yutu 2 rover has been cruising the moon since 2nd January 2019. It has recently discovered a cube-shaped hut on the surface of the moon.

The mystery object spotted by Yutu 2 is located around 80 meters away from the northern horizon. The Yutu 2 diary published by Our Space in China explains that the rover found the object sometime in November. Our Space is a Chinese language science outreach channel affiliated with the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Cube Shaped Mystery Hut Spotted On Moon

Youtube 2 spotted the mystery hut on its 36th lunar day and the most feasible explanation is, the hut could be a large boulder excavated by an impact. The Rover will spend around 2-3 days traversing the lunar regolith investigating this cube-shaped mystery object and avoiding craters to get a closer look. This will help astronomers study its origin and to give it a scientific name.

Yutu 2 rover landed on the Von Karman Crater via Chang’e 4 lander. The rover completed 1000 days on the Moon so far is completely powered by solar energy. While China dropped orbiters through its Chang’e 1 and 2 missions, Chang’e 3 landed Yutu 1. There is also a Chang’e 5 T1 test mission around the moon and the Chang’e 5 moon sample return mission launched by China.

Astronaut Shared Time-lapse Video of Earth From Space. Calls It “Magical View”

Nov 14, 2021

As the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s stay is about to end, he shared astonishing photos of many countries and regions from space. The aerospace engineer has spent 200 days at the International Space Station (ISS) and has returned home. These incredible pictures feature a unique blue aurora, abstract photographs of crops, and a view of how the ISS moves around the planet. The photographer also revealed the beautiful view of the stars along with our planet in the foreground. He mentioned in the video, “One more night in this magical view. Who can complain? I miss our spaceship.”

As stated by the European Space Agency, Pesquet’s second space mission on the ISS was known as Alpha. It began in April and will complete this month. Thomas was known as the first European to travel to space and return to a commercial spaceship.“SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor was autonomously undocked from the International Space Station, entered the Earth’s atmosphere after a series of burns, and deployed a parachute for a soft landing. Thomas and his crew It splattered off the coast of Florida on the 9th. November 03:33 GMT, 2021 “.

Astronaut Shared Time Lapse Video Of Earth From Space. Calls It “magical View”

When he was in spacecraft, he completed four extravehicular activities such as upgrading the ISS’s power system and installing new solar array equipment. He organized over 200 scientific and research projects on the behalf of scientists and international partners that include 40 European experiments and 12 experiments managed by the French Center for Space Studies (CNES). Thomas served as commander in the space station on October 4. It is the fourth time Europeans have served in this position. It is also the first time for France.

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