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Facts You Need to Know about “The Pursuit of Happyness

Facts You Need To Know About “the Pursuit Of Happyness
Facts You Need To Know About “the Pursuit Of Happyness

Yes! It’s “Happyness” and not “Happiness.” In a few minutes, we will let you know why this word in the movie title is spelled with a “y” and not an “i.” 

First of all, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is a fantastic movie with Will Smith and his own son Jaden Smith. Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman. In the film, Jaden Smith portrays Chris Gardner’s son with the name “Christopher Jr.” Set in San Francisco in the early 1980s, the movie revolves around the touching, inspiring, and fascinating lives of Chris Gardner and his son. 


Chris Gardner sells bone density scanners. He demonstrates their functioning to doctors and his son tags along with him. Gardner’s wife keeps quarreling with him because the family is in a poor financial condition and she blames it all on Gardner. Eventually, she leaves her husband and son. One day, Gardner gets the opportunity to attend an interview for an internship at Dean Witter’s office. After a night in prison, he promptly arrives at the office, but with shabby clothes and an unkempt appearance.  


Gardner sails successfully through the interview and then joins his fellow interns. All of them compete for the position of stockbroker at Dean Witter’s. The struggles that Gardner faces cannot be described using a few simple words. But he persists in providing for his little son and keeps him unaware of his own financial situation. Both are even homeless for many nights, and Gardner stays at homeless shelters with his son. However, he makes it all look like an adventure to his son! The scenes where Gardner plays with his son and watches him eat by sacrificing his own meal are heart-rending.


Despite the adversity, Gardner works extremely hard at his internship, and at the same time, successfully sells all his bone density scanners. He also attends to his son’s needs and takes him to his daycare facility every single day. And, Jaden Smith who plays Christopher Jr., never fails to impress us with his acting skills. 


“All’s Well That Ends Well!” 

Wondering why this quote is here? Well, Gardner aces his exam at Dean Witter’s and gets a permanent job there. He runs to the daycare facility, where his son spends the day, and hugs his little one with all the joy in the world. 


Over the years, Gardner excels in his field and eventually forms his own firm! And, we’re getting to the reason for using the “y” in the word “Happyness.” Gardner gets this idea from a mural he notices on the wall of his son’s daycare center.

“The Pursuit of Happyness” won universal acclaim, was nominated for the Academy Awards, and its emotional weight won many hearts.

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