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Every Death Rule & Exception in Final Destination

Every Death Rule & Exception In Final Destination
Every Death Rule & Exception In Final Destination

James Wong’s Final Destination portrays an inescapable design of death that breaks its own rule in some instances. In the entire five films, you can see a survivor’s group escape from the catastrophic incident. As the movie progressed, new ways to cheat death have been discovered. Read along to know more about every death rule design and exception starting with the original 2000 film. 

Altered the Death Design Order

Alex was able to retrace the premonition events to find out everyone who survived Flight 180 was dying in the same order. They believed their fates are inescapable and waited for each one’s turn. But when Alex saves Todd from the car accident the death skips to another person Bily. Despite rearranging death designs, Alex Carter died in Paris revealed later in Final Destination 2 specifies that the rule does not work really. 

Death Rule Subverted 

In Final Destination 2, survivors of the vehicular accident designed a theory that new life would stop death by assuming the pregnant woman. They thought that everyone will be safe once the baby was born. However, it turns out that the pregnant woman is uninvolved in the end. Kimberly Corman drowns herself at last to test the premonition that she saw. Her resurrection from death considers a new life able to stop death. 

Changed Death Rule 

Another common method to cheat death is to take someone’s life. This is the only way survivors believed to cheat death in Final Destination 5. For example, Nathan Sears survives when killing the construction worker accidentally at the film’s end. Sam Lawton, the main character who is last on the death list kills his friend Peter in self-defense. At last, you can see Sam and his girlfriend on Flight 180 in 2000 with Alex Browning and his classmates. No one survived despite taking someone’s life to replace their death.

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