Drake Dating Mystery Woman in LA?

Every celebrity has kept their dating history undercovers, and No-Tellin singer Drake is no different. But the paparazzi have recently photographed the Champagne Papi on a date with a mystery woman, and we have all the juicy facts right here!

Drake was found leaving Craig’s restaurant, an eatery in West Hollywood, through the backdoor like a secret lover while the said mystery woman was photographed leaving through the front door at the same time as Drake with a bottle of something in her hand.

Though this could have been a chance coincidence since the couple was not photographed together, the paparazzi did see the mystery women get in one of Drake’s security vehicles and follow his car around the block.

Moreover, the couple was dressed, matching each other! While Drake sported a vibrant jumper along with white pants and clean shoes and his supposed date wore an equally vibrant black top paired with printed pants.

The 34-year-old singer was previously linked with famous stars, namely Nicky Minaj, Rihanna, J Lo, and of course, the most gossiped courtship was with Sophie Brussaux, with whom he later fathered his firstborn Adonis Graham.

Drake has been gaining popularity among the housewives who get googly-eyed around him at his son’s school, adoring the beautiful fatherly duties Drake has been performing. The singer has also commented that “Pulling up in a fleet Suburbans/ Flooded French Immersions makes sh*t so obvious that it defeats the purpose” of being covert.

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