Craziest Plot Twists That Kept Us Glued in 2023

From Succession to Barry, here are some unforeseen twists that occurred in popular series.

Craziest Plot Twists That Kept Us Glued In 2023
Craziest Plot Twists That Kept Us Glued In 2023

This year has introduced several great shows which are hard to forget. We might bid adieu to the year but not the series that made us binge-watching with teary eyes. Check out the list of unexpected turns in 2023 TV shows.


Which series’ plot twist hit so hard this year? Without further ado, we would say Succession, the most binge-watched drama on HBO. When writer Jesse Armstrong hinted at Logan Roy’s death, the audience never expected it would happen with such a twist, which knocked them off their feet. The scene where his children struggle to say goodbye to their Machiavellian Father is so emotional. 


Tyler Sheridan’s prequel to “Yellowstone” had many twists in its debut season. In the third episode (The War Has Come Home), when the Duttons are moving back to their home, a gunfight breaks out between two groups,and Jacob tries to safeguard his family during this attack. However, many of their men die, and Jacob gets wounded by gunshots. The scene made a lot of people wonder whether Jacob could survive or not.

The Last Of Us 

This series became popular as soon as it hit the television. In episode nine, Joel discovers that Ellie’s brain is the cure for the virus, he refuses and kills anyone who stands against him and Ellie. Though his deed looks selfish, Joel makes this choice to protect their relationship. 


The final season of Barry reveals whether an antiheroic hitman like Barry Berkman could find deliverance from sins or not. The eighth episode is narrated with several twists including time jumps, dark comedy, and darkness. So, in Barry, you can find some unforeseen twists and turns.

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