Friendship of Maria Shriver and Rob Lowe

Here is what you should know about Maria Shriver and Rob Lowe’s Friendship.

Friendship Of Maria Shriver And Rob Lowe
Friendship Of Maria Shriver And Rob Lowe

Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California and ex-wife to the Hollywood Commando Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a close bond with Rob Lowe which could make anyone feel jealous. 

bloomed friendship with Rob Lowe which has no end. 

In an episode of “Literally! With Rob,” the best BFFs revealed their history of close bonding. 

He explained that they had known each other for more than 20 years, through thick and thin, and if somebody had said’ Hey, here’s what’s going to happen in the future,’ they would have replied ‘No it’s not, are you out of your mind.’ To him, their friendship had endured all the things–good and bad. 

Besides Rob and Maria, their children are also close to each other’s families. Lowe’s kids used to go for dinner at Shriver’s house even in the absence of their father. Whenever they planned to visit her house, the kids would inform her beforehand. Rob seems to be more happy about this relationship, he said “You occupy a very specific place in my boys’ hearts, You are it.” 

Moreover, Maria Shiver is the godmother to his younger son, who calls her a favorite person in this world. 

The enduring friendship between Maria Shriver and Rob Lowe became even stronger after she separated from the action star. From family moments to political events, Maria and Rob support each other in every way.

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