Controversial Celebrity Scandals Ranked!

Hollywood is not new to scandal. From affairs, sex tapes, bathroom busts to arrests, many former Home and Away celebrities caught up in the controversial scandals over the years. We have rounded up some of the biggest scandals to hit Summer Bay.

Putu Winchester-Stanton

A former Home and Away star accused of drug syndicate supplying cocaine to Byron Bay, New South Wales. Putu Winchester-Stanton, 44, was one of the seven men arrested after police raided their homes on Thursday, April 22. The Indonesian-born actor paid a fine for 10 offenses that include supplying prohibited drugs.

Martin Lynes

Martin Lynes went to jail for sexually assaulting a lady in his home in 2018. He was condemned to bear five years’ imprisonment, with a non-parole time of 2 years and 6 months. He played Adam Sharpe, who is a mentor to Stephen Peacocke’s character Darryl Braxton.

Lincoln Lewis

The Australian actor Lincoln Lewis reveals filming a sex tape in 2009. As stated by the Daily Telegraph, many Home and Away stars wanted him to destroy the footage. He stated, ‘You do stupid things when you are young.’

‘But you learn from your mistakes. That’s part of growing up. This mistake, and what I have learned, will contribute a lot to making me a better person in the future.’

Jodi Gordon

Jodi Gordon was introduced to Home and Away in 2005 as the ‘straight down the line’ role of Martha MacKenzie. He caught up in the drug scandal along with bikie associate and Kings Cross identity Mark Judge. The police found the pair huddled in Mark’s Bellevue Hill home bedroom. In an interview, Jodi told officers about consuming cocaine after the bizarre episode.

Not only the above-mentioned stars, other Home and Away celebs like Joel McIlroy, Todd Lasance, Johnny Ruffo, and Dan Ewing were also accused of hitting an old senior, acting suspiciously in the nightclub, drug scandal, and assaulting fiancée

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