14 Quora questions that would make you lose faith in humanity

Quora. Internet’s boon to mankind. What would we ever do without it.

Unless you happen to live in a secluded place, Quora is a forum based website where you can find answers to almost anything. Question oranswer. So apltly named.

But then we homo sapiens are a rare breed. Even though our brains are capable of storing the entire series of Encyclopedia Brittanica,the inner troll gets the better of us and makes us questions like these–

Read Alexandra Damsker‘s answerIs it morally wrong for a couple to give up their baby for adoption because it doesn’t appear to have a gifted level IQ? on Quora

Read Gil Yehuda‘s answerDoes God want us to do naughty things for his amusement? on Quora

Read Anonymous’ answerWhat should I do if my wife beats me often? on Quora

Read Mark Savchuk‘s answerIf I have two Facebook accounts, does that mean I am split personality? on Quora

Read Tim York‘s answerJoke Question : What do I do if my cat is controlled by Satan? on Quora

Read C David Dean‘s answerReligion: Why did God create man first and not woman first? on Quora

Read Joe McCracken‘s answerWhat can I do to be a multi millionaire by age 90 (I am 86 now)? on Quora

Read Jeff Fosgate‘s answerWould you jump off a 1-story building with large spiders at the bottom ready to eat some smarties while you sing happy birthday for half a dollar? on Quora

Read Shreya Gupta‘s answerWill a baby be pregnant if you have sex during pregnancy? on Quora

Read Anonymous’ answerIn which U.S. city are Indian American men found most attractive by non-Indian American women? on Quora

Read Prashanth AV‘s answerIs it morally wrong to have sex in a public zoo owned by a secular state? on Quora

Read Tessa NorrisanswerI’m having sex with a communist. How can I overcome my resentment? on Quora

Read Tim Bushell‘s answerWhat happens if you urinate into a particle accelerator? on Quora

Read Ben Newman‘s answerIs it OK to drink scotch through a straw? on Quora

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