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600 Breezy Girlfriend Death Left Him Shattered

Raven Jackson, 600 Breezy’s girlfriend, ends her life.

600 Breezy Girlfriend Death Left Him Shattered

The “11Gunz” rapper mourns the death of his girlfriend, Raven Jackson, whom he lost to suicide. He had uploaded many photos and videos of them both on his Instagram page with deep mourning captions.

Antonio Valentino King, popularly known as 600 Breezy, is a Chicago-born rapper and was in a relationship with fitness influencer Raven Jackson for two years.

600 Breezy had posted a screenshot of the last message from his girlfriend, where she stated that she did not want their last conversation to be an argument and that he deserves a better version of her. 

“And as much as I want you to see my point of view, I didn’t want our last conversation to be an argument so that’s why I was so quiet. I really just wanted to hear your voice one last time. You have every right to feel what you feel towards me baby. I love you Antonio, I pray I get to love you in a better life where I’m a better version of me. You deserve that much.”

In his Instagram posts, Breezy spoke about mental health and urged people to take them seriously as it could shatter lives.

“Please when your loved ones are showing signs of any mental damage or health please take them serious. This is real. This is what she left me with.”

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