Will Camilla wear the historical Kohinoor diamond crown?

Controversies over Kohinoor diamond in Queen Elizabeth’s crown

Will Camilla Wear The Historical Kohinoor Diamond Crown?

Queen Elizabeth’s crown with a 105-carat glittering diamond may not be available at the King Charles III coronation on May 6, if Camilla won’t wear the crown.

The controversies over this are growing internationally. Many might get upset if the Queen consort wears the 105-carat glittering Kohinoor diamond placed in the Queen Mother’s plush purple crown. According to experts, the Kohinoor diamond alone would be $591 million worth, and the entire crown piece would cost $1 billion approximately.

The Kohinoor diamond was seized by the East India Company from India and placed in Queen’s crown. Queen Elizabeth wore this diamond for the first time in the history of the royal family of the United Kingdom during her coronation alongside her husband, King George VI, in 1937.

After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, many want the British to return the Kohinoor to India. One Twitter user has tweeted, “It should come back to its origin, the least UK can do towards the centuries of exploitation, oppression [sic], racism, slavery inflicted on people of the Indian subcontinent.”

Some jewelry experts suggested Camilla might still wear the crown at the coronation ceremony if the Kohinoor diamond was removed and replaced with a gem.

Wait until May 6 to know where the Kohinoor diamond will rest.

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