Aftermath of Big Ed and Liz’s “ruined” engagement party

The drama continues at home after the party.

Big Ed Calls Off The Wedding At His Engagement Party

The drama of the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, continues at home after the engagement party and the fight between Big Ed and Liz. Liz, who was very upset in the previous episode, is dropped off at home, and Ed starts questioning her on various aspects. When Liz dropped off the $13,000 ring on the grass and left home in distress, Big Ed was waiting to confront her.

Liz blatantly asked if Big Ed was a “lesbian,” as he was convinced that Liz had a relationship with the guest, she argued. Liz replies that she is never attracted to any woman, and Big Ed’s insecurities make him think in such a way.

“They’re all trashy,” Ed adds about Liz’s acquaintances, and the derogatory things they say about one another’s appearances are then captured on camera, blaming the other while doing so. He calls her friends a majority of “gay women” and doubts if she is bisexual. Liz denies this, stating she does not identify as gay.

Ed says he wants “every single question answered,” and only then can he proceed with their relationship. The two seem to be quite rude to each other, and Ed expresses his disappointment with Liz, calling her “dumb” several times. The drama may continue in future episodes to come.

Big Ed calls off the wedding at his engagement party

When Ed questioned Liz’s sexuality, she walked away

Big Ed Calls Off The Wedding At His Engagement Party

The Big Ed Brown, as he is known on the 90-Day Fiance show, faced a lot of criticism for his previous season with his 23-year-old Filipino girlfriend, Rosemarie. The 57-year-old appeared in a spin-off of the show with Liz Woods, 29.

The two started a friendly relationship, and eventually, they started dating. The couple dated for one and a half years and remained engaged for about four months. Things flared up at the engagement party for the couple. Ed passed a few not-so-appropriate comments on Liz’s grandmother and mother, just for starters. He had questions for Liz after she had a heated argument with one of the guests. Ed saw the guest grabbing Liz by her arm and did not ask about the happenings or the chaos but asked, “Were you in a relationship with her?” (stating the guest’s position)

Ed mentioned the sexuality of the guest and continued the inquiry, which infuriated his fiance. She walked away crying when the party was almost about to wrap up. She cried her way out, stating how disappointed she was in him.

Big Ed called her and kept telling her that she was drunk and that she was in the wrong. The argument between the two continued, with Ed saying,

“Until I know everything I need to know about you, I can’t marry you,” he said, calling off the wedding on the day of their engagement party. When Ed continues to speak on the other end of the phone, Liz sets her phone and engagement ring on the walkway and walks away.

Ed tried to paint Liz as being in the wrong, and now things are ruined by her. But Liz chose to get away from his toxicity and controlling behavior, which is evident when she talks about her curfew time of 11 p.m.

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