Best Teen Movies That Went Unnoted!

These are some of the must-watch dramas, indies and comedies you should catch up with.

My Bodyguard (1980)

The then scariest kid in childhood, Adam Baldwin started discovering things shiny on “Firefly.” Until one kid (Chris Makepeace) recruits him for protection from the school bully (Matt Dillon, who played more than his share of bad boys back in the day).

Why Watch? A superbly directed film with a heartwarming story. Makepeace is excellent as the slight protagonist, and Baldwin is perfect as the brooding, misunderstood mammoth. Dave Grusin’s score adds immeasurably to the tone.

Tanner Hall (2011)

Fernanda (Rooney Mara) begins her senior year in Tanner Hall and situations take a turn amidst her group of pals. Fernanda falls in love with an older man who is married and her friends Kate tries to seduce her staff which ends up on a bad note, Lucasta has trouble in knowing her sexuality and above all Fernanda’s troublemaker friend Victoria joins their school and creates chaos in their personal lives.

Reasons to Watch:

This film shows all aspects of people who represent LGBTQ, a touch of Gossip Girl, and about a young girl Brie Larson.

St. Trinian’s (2007)

Talulah Riley who portrays Annabelle Fritton is a protected father’s pet who moves to St. Trinian’s as per her father’s wish. Though she does not feel good at the start, later she gathers up a few of the members of the school people’s help to save the school.

Why Watch It?: It’s completely British jokes that everyone can enjoy well who doesn’t like a school-based movie with its own way of wittiness.

Bend It like Beckham (2002)

Parminder Nagra who stares as Jesminder is a genius football player and when a chance is given she represents Hounslow Harriers with her pal Jules played Keirs Knightley. The story talks about Jess who is stuck between the love for football and her orthodox Indian family who are not for it.

Reasons to Watch: If u had seen “She’s the Man” then this will be yet another football entertainer.


Alexa Vega who comes as Julie goes with her group to do a scavenger hunt for their enemy gang “sleepover crew” which has Staci (Sara Paxon) and Liz (Brie Larson). The one who wins the most attractive lunch spot will get an opportunity to get noticed by Steve Philips (Sean Faris).

Reason to See: Evan Peters

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