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Best Movies Based On Egyptian Mythology
Best Movies Based On Egyptian Mythology

The ancient Egyptians might have left us many centuries ago, yet we never stop getting amazed by their customs. Be it the magnificent pyramids, mummies, rituals, gods, myths, and so on.

To quench the thirst for Egyptian movies, Hollywood directors lined up to do Egyptian-based movies. The movies below will make us time travel to ancient Egypt, such as


The Mummy( 1999)

This movie would be placed in Top of the list of all Egyptian-related movies. The Mummy(1999) directed by Stephen Sommers. Based on the adventure of Rick O’ Conell and Archeologist Evelyn who unexpectedly runs into a secret tomb and unleashes an evil mummy. The story continues with thrilling scenes.

The prince of Egypt( 1998)

It is based on a bible story. The Prince of Egypt portrays the life of Moses, the adopted prince of Egypt. The story revolves around the incidents that happened in his childhood, and how they led him toward the lord.

The Mummy Returns(2001)

Back with the Bang!! It is the sequel to The Mummy(1999), where Rick and Evelyn became a couple. In this movie, The ancient Egyptian priest comes back to take revenge on Rick. Additionally, the scorpion king also returns to take over the world.

The Scorpion king (2002)

The spin-off to The Mummy returns, which leads back to the history of the Rise of Scorpion King. Dwayne Johnson rocked the character of Mathayus, the scorpion king who was betrayed by the king and sold into slavery. Eventually, he rises to the power leading an army against the king

The gods of Egypt(2016)

As we already knew, ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods, and this movie showcases the battle of gods to take over the kingdom. This movie is the best example of Egyptian Mythology.

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