Best Haunted Houses in Horror Movies

Best Haunted Houses In Horror Movies
Best Haunted Houses In Horror Movies

Haunted Houses in Horror Movies

There will be haunted houses as long as horror movies proceed to exist. Horror movies with haunted houses are in great demand among audiences. Continue reading to know more about the scariest haunted houses in horror films. 


Winchester Mansion

One of the Victorian mansions owned by William Winchester and Sarah Lockwood. She did various renovations to the house after her husband died in 1881. These real-life incidents of Sarah adapted in the movie Winchester starring Helen Mirren


Perron Family’s House

This house is owned by the Perron family that existed in Harrisville, United States of America. The belief is that the Perron family is surrounded by Bathsheba Sherman, an evil witch who stayed in the 19th century. Bathsheba is believed to put a curse on the house and land so that everyone who stayed there would be plagued by spirits and die. This creepy house becomes the inspiration for The Conjuring(2013) which portrays the story of Lorraine Warren and Ed. 


John Bells House 

One of the most haunted houses in the United States belongs to the Bell family. Several mystical stories are related to this house such as hearing the door knocking sound at night. John Bells House is adapted into several movies including An American Haunting, Bell WItch Haunting, and The Blair Witch Project


The Invisible Family House

The house is located in Yogjakarta considering that many supernatural beings are inhabited it. Most stories written by Genta become viral fastly and were adopted in the movie The Invisible Family


Hodgson House

The Hodgson house is located in Enfield, England and it is for most supernatural situations in history. There is a debate happened between skeptics and believers when the case attracted the British media attention. You can view this house in James Wan’s Conjuring 2 which portrays the story of the massacre made by Lorraine Warren and Ed.

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