Avengers: Endgame leaked! Marvel begs fans to not spoil the movie!

Seems Marvel couldn’t keep its tight lid on their final installment of Avengers after all. Only recently we published a post lauding Russo and Kevin Spiegel for not revealing any spoilers and remaining smart enough not to blurt out the tiniest detail of the story.

The plot of Marvel Studios film has been shrouded in secrecy like a treasure, going to the extent of not even allowing advance screenings for the media.

After the clips went berserk in the social media, the directors of the movie pleaded fans on Tuesday not to resort to spoiling the movie by giving away storyline.

The Russo brothers posted an Open letter on Twitter under the hashtag #DontSpoilTheEndgame urging fans to stay patient and appreciate the hard work studios has put in coming up with a conclusion after spanning 22 movies.

However, netizens have been skeptical of the leaked clips and hinted that this might just be another marketing strategy to gain more traction before the movie’s release. However from the seriousness of the tweet it doesn’t look so.

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