All You Need to Know about Gerard Butler

All You Need To Know About Gerard Butler
All You Need To Know About Gerard Butler

If you are into Hollywood movies, you would have definitely heard of Gerard Butler. He is an actor cum film producer. He is known for his charming looks and outstanding performances in several movies. Let’s look at this actor’s life and career a little more in detail.

Gerard Butler Scottish Heritage and Background

The tall and muscular Gerard Butler was born in Scotland. His parents divorced when Butler was just a child. He was then brought up with his siblings by their mother. Some of his very early years were spent in Montreal, Quebec. Until Butler was 16, he didn’t have any contact with his father. After that, both father and son became very close. At Glasgow University, Butler studied law. And, even from a young age, Butler was excellent in his social skills.

Gerard Butler Biography and Career

Later, Gerard Butler gave up his law career for acting. He made his movie debut in “Mrs. Brown,” in which he starred as the younger brother of Billy Connolly. Butler acquired a Certificate of Bravery (from the Royal Humane Society) after his heroic act of saving a young boy from drowning in a river. Even though it was really a highly courageous act, Butler was pretty modest about the whole incident.


Gerard Butler continued to play some small roles, including one in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” a James Bond film. 

Gerard Butler Movies and Filmography

Butler acted in films, such as “Attila the Hun,” “Reign of Fire,” “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “300,” and a lot more. He also played the role of André Marek in “Timeline,” a film based on the sci-fi adventure of the same name by Michael Crichton. 


More movies like “Dear Frankie,” and “The Game of Their Lives” followed. However, Butler’s breakthrough role was as King Leonidas in “300.” 

Gerard Butler Awards and Nominations

The much sought-after actor has won numerous nominations and awards. In “The Phantom of the Opera,” in which Butler starred with Emmy Rossum, he got a Satellite Award nomination for the Best Actor category. For “300,” Butler earned nominations for Best Actor for the Empire and Saturn Awards. He also won the MTV Movie Award (Best Fight) for the same film.

Gerard Butler Quotes and Inspirational Sayings

Some of Butler’s famous quotes are given here:


  1. On his appearance: “In Scotland, I’m just like a lot of other guys, but in America I’m seen as a very strong, masculine guy.”


  1. On his solitude: “I love to spend a lot of time on my own.”

3. On his acting: “I have a level of fear going into every project, and that’s what keeps me going.”

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