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6 Actors Who Can Make Any Movie a Sure Hit

Hollywood is a wild world.

You’ll find struggling actors vying for a small stint, seasoned actors who are comfortable in their own genre and established actors who do a pretty decent job at wooing audience with their presence.

Then their are actors who define an era in cinema and are adored by the masses with their screen presence.

Here are a few actors in the present day whose presence in a movie will have the world take notice and sure the movie into a massive hit and win over shrewd critics.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Talk about Wolf of Wall Street, Django Unchained to The Aviator and Blood diamond. Now those are the few of his massively successful movies. Him winning an Academy award for the best actor in the The Revenant it was more like paying homage to a decade of stellar acting performances he’s been putting up.

Daniel Day-Lewis

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The best method actor Hollywood has ever produced. What’s impressive is his ability to pull off a number of different accents. He’s so in demand by directors that where other actors try to bag roles even in their late 70s, he decided to retire from acting to focus more on his personal life.

Tom Hanks

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Probably the most likeable person in this list. From impressive hits like Forrest Gump, The Green Mile and Saving Private Ryan to classics such as Big, The Terminal and Sully, this actor has so far never had a bad movie. Tom Hanks in the movie? Theaters are sure to be house-full.

Robert Downey Jr.

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This actor defined a generation of Marvel fans donning the Iron man suit. His role as Iron Man was so influential that the director said that there was no one who could play Tony Stark and that the Marvel franchise was doomed without him. No wonder we love him 3000.

Samuel L. Jackson

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No introduction needed. The badass of Hollywood can win over any opponent with his stare and his flurry of cuss words. A true gem. Thank god Hollywood has him.

Will Smith

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One word that describes the him: ENERGY. From his days as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to his days playing an agent in MiB, Will Smith is a Gold Standard Hollywood product.

Can you think of anybody else who can single-handedly carry a movie to fame? Let us know.

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