6 Things That Hollywood Wants to Hide from You

Have you ever been curious to know how producers use the props? Let’s have a look!

Watching movies can be overwhelming; They may take you to a new world. You like the movie-making rather than the actress reading the script.  Have you ever been curious to know how producers use props? Let’s have a look!

#1 Blood

Many ways have been used to recreate the blood or bloodstains. Some may try to mix corn syrup and food coloring and others may try to use the chocolate sauce to make it realistic.

#2 Nicotine-Free Cigarettes

It may startle you when you see your favorite movie actor put a cigarette in his mouth is actually not a cigarette. It is nicotine-free. So that it won’t harm others who are there on the spot during the movie shoot.

#3 Miniature Explosions and Special Effects

Have you ever wondered how in a movie they show the blasting or blowing up of buildings and cars? Some filmmakers opt for technology to solve the problem and create replicas of objects.

#4 Drugs

You are wrong. If you think that actors are using opium in movies that is not true! Instead, they make the approximation of cocaine with a combination of powdered milk or sugar.

#5 Sugar Glass

Have you witnessed scenes like stars flying through huge glass windows? This kind of action is created with sugar glass. Filmmakers frequently use these techniques to avoid danger.

#6 Fake Crowds

Low-budget filmmakers manage to take shots with the same people in several places.  After that, they combine them as a huge crowd. Sometimes they use inflatable mannequins. For example- The popular scene from The king’s speech.

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