8 Out of 10 Millenials Suffer From Inferiority Complex and the Reasons Are Obvious

Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 millennials don’t feel great about themselves. Forget great, they don’t even feel good about themselves.

The study was conducted by Onepoll. David Jiscoot as a part of the ‘Good For You’ campaign found that eighty percent of millennials are under the acute pressure of doing their household chores, being socially active, owning a nice car among many others.

The research also sheds light on the fact on how millennials want to adopt better-living practices and their inclination to fads like walking 10,000 steps a day, eccentric weight-loss strategies, the urge to keep up with the latest fashion trends (even if it’s way beyond their pay grade).

Surprisingly, the study shows that women are taking it harder than men. While only 73 percent men admitted that they don’t feel good about themselves, the number jumped to 82 percent in the case of women.

But of all this, millenials also dwell on the fact that they are their own worst enemy for being under the constant, gripping stress of keeping up with societal norms. And also, there are the memes and jokes on millenials shaming them how they’ll be able to match with the past generations. Like this one–

Among other stats from the study here are a few other findings–

  • 62 percent millenials admitted that they are spending more than they can earn.
  • 25 percent of millenials feel that their parents are putting pressure on them.
  • One-fifth of the millenials blame popular social media platforms like Instagram for stress. Imagine Looking at posts of Dan Bilzerian and feeling bad as you can’t hang out with chicks and cars the way he does.
  • And top it all, 17 percent millenials feel that their mates are not right for them and they’re in a broken relationship.

Generation gap. I know right.

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