23 memes for the clinically bored

I’d be 100% productive if watching memes was a full time job.

1. Long live evolution

2. No thank you

3. You know what I mean

4. Brats.

5. Damn autocorrect!

6. Decimated.

7. Why Brain? Why?

8. I didn’t know it was so pretty

9. Give that man an award!


10. Finally I can feel good about myself


11. That Bio though..

12. Damn those red blood cells


13. Bunch of pricks

14. This never gets old

15. Ain’t that right..

16. So relatable

17. Wait. What?

18. Too dark

19. Quentin Tarantino is so perfect in this meme


20. Tell me if this hasn’t happened to you


21. Never felt more badass

22. Same thing, two different scenarios

23. Shut up and give me your money


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