Memes Nicki Minaj would watch after retiring from Music

Nicki Minaj is retired from Hip-Hop and spends more time with her family.

Have you been watching the news lately? Seems Nicki Minaj is retiring from Hip-Hop and is planning to spend more time with her family. Some people think it’s sad while others (most of the folks) think “Good riddance”. I mean, I am still finding it hard to digest the Anaconda music video. Ugh.

Nevertheless, doing many people a huge favor after retiring from music, she probably has loads of free time up her sleeve (when she happens to dress properly). Here are some memes she’d rather be watching rather than thinking of springing back from retirement.

1. Ouch, that hurt


2. Wow.



3. Sneak 100


4. Takes me back college everytime


5. Self-belief is a non-existent entity


6. You wish..


7. Give that boy a medal


8. Surprise, surprise!


9. Surprise, surprise!


10. Best explanation


11. Dumb. Really.


12. Why can’t a girl take an insult for once


13. Teamwork everyone!


14. Destruction 100


15. My entire childhood was a lie


16. You gotta do better than that


17. How many do you?


18. Get outta here.

19. Thanks for sharing the blueprint

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