13 reasons why you need a friend like Phoebe from ‘Friends’

If you ask me who kept the group together, as one single unit, supporting one another, It would always be Phoebe. She’s the sweetest. Though she was annoying in the beginning, she aged gracefully into being the sanest soul in the latter half of the series.

Phoebe was more of an outsider. She was a non-roommate for most of the time. However, Phoebe was crucial to the group. Whenever the group was on the verge of splitting, it was Phoebe who stepped up and kept the group together.

In any dire and critical situation, it was the same crazy Phoebe who was the voice of reason and the one who babysat them all.

Few are some instances that show that Phoebe was a true unsung hero of Friends. This will be a nice trip down memory lane.

1. When Rachel and Monica were fighting over Jean-Claude Van Damme

2. When Ross-Rachel breakup threatened to split the group (The One without the Ski-trip)

3. When she paid Chandler to quit smoking

4. When she broke up with Janice on behalf of Chandler

5. Not to forget— She gave the birthing video

6. When she offered to Baby-sit the triplets

7. She set up her friends on dates so many times

8. When she disguised as Ursula so that Joey doesn’t get hurt

9. She taught Joey guitar and French (well, at least tried)

10. She gave up being Monica’s maid of honor for Rachel

11. She supported Frank Jr. by having his kids

12. She helped Chandler with his interview skills

13. She pretended to be an agent just so Joey could get auditions

She grew up in an environment where she didn’t really have a family. She’s struck by her mother’s suicide, her father abandoning her, her step-dad in prison, and her twin sister who’s not on talking terms with her. Hence, she really valued her friendship and never let that breakup, no matter what. Reason, logic, or force- she did everything that was required to keep the friends together.

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