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10 Celebrities Who Got Arrested The Most!

The result of a survey by ToppCasinoBonus on celebrities who got arrested the most revealed some surprising news to know. Be it petty crimes, drug abuse to serious crimes of assault and murder, the celebrities are no exception compared to commoners who served jail time.

Topping the list of A-listers on felony, Martin Sheen, 79-year-old, got arrested more than 66 times. The well-known celebrity and political activist is mostly arrested for civil disobedience and protests.

#10. O.J. Simpson (No of Arrests: 9)

#9. 6ix9ine (No. of Arrests: 10)

#8. Lindsay Lohan (No. of Arrests: 10)

#7. Courtney Love (No. of Arrests: 10)

#6, Dennis Rodman (No. of Arrests: 12)

#5. Bobby Brown (No. of Arrests: 14)

#4. Suge Knight (No. of Arrests: 15)

#3. DMX (No. of Arrests: 24)

#2. Pete Doherty (No. of Arrests: 26)

#1. Martin Sheen (No. of Arrests: 66)

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