YouTube had to take down The Nun’s advertisments

Have you been scarred by it too? It’s that hair-raising kind of creepy.

Horror movies have always been anticipated and they make a lot of money. Ever since The Conjuring released in 2013, it set the bench mark for horror genre in contemporary times.James Wan, the director has contributed the most to horror and our paranoia. The Nun is his next which looks like its going to set a new record is all set to release on September 7th this year. The teasers and trailers are more than enough to give you chills but the idea of placing them as ads for YouTube might have been a sadistic idea, because they are automatic! The Nun popped up as casual ads and freaked the hell out of people. Equally afraid and concerned, YouTube decided to take it down. There are now no ads for the movie, although the trailer is available to watch by an individual’s choice.


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