World claims Australia’s democratic govt is dysfunctional!

The Australian government is never willing to settle

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison

Prime Minister after Prime Minister, the Australian government is never willing to settle. With almost six changes in less than a decade, we really wonder why there is so much chaos in the so-called democracy. It’s just been two years that Mr. Turnbull took over the top job from Tony Abbott in 2015 and to the world’s surprise, Scott Morrison recently turned the tables to become the 30th PM of Australia becoming the leader of the Liberal Party.

The world countries definitely couldn’t keep mum on the issues as several newspapers and magazines from around the globe have made statements that criticize Australia’s ruling and electoral policies. A leading daily from Britain reads, “The protocol of Canberra politics seems to demand that leaders are roasted alive if they show signs of losing support in the heartlands”. While the situation in Australian democracy is quite disturbing leaving the citizens furious, America’s New York Times also made its comment on how politics almost seem like a national sport in the island continent. Moreover, people feel that the 3-year election system is something that needs to be replaced as there is no proper time for a PM and the country’s citizens to actually understand each other.

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