Women hate Trump more than men do and here’s the evidence

Popular opinion on Trump’s impeachment remains divided

Impeachment is a big deal and almost all presidents have at some point stared down that barrell. But say whatever you want, when you hear the phrase “Impeach the President”, we’re pretty sure that Donald Trump comes into your mind first.

A recent poll carried out by CNN on whether we need to impeach Trump released some astounding figures.

50 percent of the American population are FOR impeachment as to 43 percent against it.

Source: Google

But those are just overall numbers. On a closer look at the demographics, we notice something interesting.

Among men, 40 percent supported impeachment and 53 percent opposed it. Compare that to women, a whopping 61 percent of women Trump impeached with only 34 percent against the idea of it.

Source: Google

It’s pretty much clear that compared to men, women are more hell bent on impeaching Trump.

The same poll also revealed that while 52 percent of men approve of the president, the approval rate of the president is a mere 32 percent among women.

One of the major reason why Donald Trump is so hated among women is because of his tainted history with women, involving scandals and sexual assaults. He has about 20 allegations of harassment, assaults, lawsuits that’s belittled his reputation.

Source: Google

With female voters set to play a key role in the 2020 election, it’ll be interesting to see how Trump favors among the ladies.

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