Arnold Schwarzenegger Should be a Marvel Hero. Here’s why!

It doesn’t require much effort to realize that Arnold Schwarzenegger could have played countless heroes in the Marvel comics, from Captain America (No offense Chris Evans) to Cyclops.

There is no denying that Marvel has got a roster of actors who are the best in the industry now. The casting department has been exceptional with actors owning the role for themselves. I mean, it’s impossible now to imagine anyone else playing Iron Man other than Robert Downey Jr. The same goes for so many characters who’ve skillfully donned the Superhero characters and played it with aplomb.

With talented actors such as Jake Gyllenhall being cast as Mysterio in the New Spiderman Movie, the Marvel Universe shows signs of promise and gives the fans much to look forward to especially after Infinity Saga came to an end with Avengers: Endgame.

However, it makes me wonder— Why has no one ever thought of roping in Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Marvel universe?

It doesn’t require much effort to realize that Arnold Schwarzenegger could have played countless heroes in the Marvel comics, from Captain America (No offense Chris Evans) to Cyclops.

At his peak, he was young, good-looking, ridiculously ripped. He possessed the body of God. Forget Heroes, he might have as well played a lot of villains too.

Our Arnold is no more the same. He’s aged into his 70s but he’s still in great shape. He can still pull off a lot of elderly characters with ease.

We explore the characters that would suit Arnold, given his age and caliber we’ve seen over the years.

Doctor Octopus:

In the villain category, One intriguing possibility is Doctor Octopus.

In fact in James Cameron’s Spider-Man script, he had a plot featuring Doctor Octopus and Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually his first choice to play him. It makes complete sense because Doctor Octopus has always been a middle-aged German or Austrian, just like Arnold. He could still make a great future villain for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.


Very unlikely, but I believe he’ll do a great job portraying Magneto. Played by Ian McKellen as the aged Magento and Michael Fassbender as the younger version, Arnold has the build of the Magneto in the Comic books. I know Sir Ian McKellen’s performance as Magneto is impossible to surpass, but we’re going to need a new face for that villain in the MCU.

Magneto has always been rather advanced in years. And he’s exactly cut out to play Magneto because Magneto is remarkable muscular for a man of his years.


Silvermane is a deadly, elderly mafia boss obsessed with immortality. He is the longtime nemesis of Spiderman. In order to battle his enemies, he eventually creates a cyborg body to preserve his vitals. And, it’s not like Arnold hasn’t played a cyborg before.

Captain Stacy:

Captain Stacy is the elderly father of Gwen Stacy, Peter’s most tragic love interest in the comics. He acts as a sort of mentor for Peter, and his unfortunate death is a major factor in Peter’s relationship with Gwen.

Gwen has yet to be introduced in the current Spider-Man movies, so it could happen eventually if MCU should deem Arnold to don the role of Captain Stacy. It will be a short role, but a significant one.

Doctor Doom:

This is a role Arnold would nail perfectly. Doctor Doom is the most popular Fantastic 4 villain, and one of the most iconic villains in Marvel comics in general. Doctor Doom’s origins are foreign which means his husky Austrian accent would be perfect, combine that with his towering physique, and you’ll have the best MCU villain in ages. We don’t even need to see Arnold’s face, just hearing his imposing voice would do.

Do you have any other characters in mind? Do let us know in the comments!

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