Whatsapp dealt with a malicious surveillance attack

Facebook-owned WhatsApp was under attack.

Discovered in early May, the now patched bug in WhatsApp’s audio call feature allowed hackers to deliver a spyware payload to target devices. The process worked even if the receiver failed to answer the call.

Hackers remotely installed surveillance software on phones using a major vulnerability in the messaging app Whatsapp.  The attack was orchestrated by Israel-based NSO group’s Pegasus, which is usually licensed to governments. It can use your phone camera and microphone to record your movements.

How long the vulnerability existed without detection is unknown, but the company confirmed that hackers took advantage of the window to install malicious payloads. According to TechCrunch it took WhatsApp 10 days to patch the security hole.

WhatsApp is now urging users to update the app.

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