We dare you to take the Beast burger challenge

and put your hunger demons to rest

The Blacks Burgers in Epsom, UK believes it holds the record for the biggest burger in the world, or at least in Europe.

The Beast burger consists of two patties, each weighing 1.5 kilos of meat, buns that equal three loaves of bread, 40 slices of American cheese, 20 slices of bacon,  two whole lettuces, two red onions, five beef tomatoes, one liter of sauce and a half kilo of caramelized onions. It is served along with one entire brick of fries and a milkshake of your choice.

The co-owner, Jon Rosoman, claims to have started it as a PR stunt but is now beginning to include it in the menu for regular customers.

The challenge is this: Complete the entire 12-kilo burger along with the milkshake and fries under an hour. A feisty challenge indeed. Here’s a glimpse of what you might face in the challenge–

Even if you don’t fancy taking on the challenge, you can order it for a meal for 4 at around $120. Make sure you pre-order 24 hours in advance. We think you might even wanna go hungry for 24 hours before you can gorge on this humongous burger 😉

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