Voice recorder of doomed Lion Air found by Indonesian Navy

As we near almost 3 months after the Boeing 737 Max plunged into the Java Sea, the key to solving aviation’s biggest mystery has just emerged fresh out of the waters. The Indonesian Navy divers have worked really hard to discover Lion Air’s cockpit voice recorder which is estimated to hold nearly 2 hours of cockpit conversations. This will be one of the most crucial shreds of evidence to unravel the reason behind the disastrous crash and why the pilots didn’t turn off the automated safety system that made the airplane dive nose first.

After 77 days of being buried under the sea bed, it approximately takes around two weeks to decrypt the voices stored as signals in the CVR. With lawsuits being filed against Boeing, this piece of information will be extremely vital in determining what majorly contributed to the most dreadful airplane accident of 2018 that killed all 189 on board.


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