Unheard Facts About The Stephen King Movie!

Stephen’s great book turned into a fabulous movie!
Cujo is one of Stephen King’s adaptations. The 1983 thriller movie is well-known for its suspense and brilliantly trained stunt dogs. Stephen King became successful when it came to terrify audiences or readers with his supernatural elements. The 91-minute movie has featured unique beasts.

Cujo was recognized as one of the scariest king adaptations. Here are some of the mind-blowing facts about Cujo that leave you wondering.

Unheard Facts about the Cujo Movie

Lewis Teague did not sign the contract to direct until the production was started.
Stephen King managed to write the first draft of the screenplay which was a bit different from what was described in the book.

Cujo shot a steamy intimate scene which was removed when test audiences found it too sexy.

In order to create a spooky vibe, the crew used a Navy fogger to create the proper atmosphere on set, unfortunately, this situation got some unnecessary attention from the fire department.

The first ⅔ of the film was edited because it received negative test screening results.

According to Lewis Teague, during one shot, one of the dogs bit Dee Wallace that required eight stitches to completely heal.

In the isolated broken car scene, Dee Wallace and Danny Pintauro dressed for warm weather but it was too cold on the set.

Stephen King was the one who changed the climax of the movie.

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