Ubisoft To Delete Pictures of Black Fist from Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad!

The French gaming firm Ubisoft has shared their apologies to their followers

The French gaming firm Ubisoft has shared their apologies to their followers post a clip showed Tom Clancy’s Elite Team raising a black fist which critics stated it was “insensitive” and seemed to coincide with ‘Black Lives Matter’ into an imaginary terrorist group in the game.

The start of the game shows UMBRA a rebel group that the storyteller describes that they are taking “advantage of escalating civil unrest,” to create more confusions and strike the government.” The black raised fist picture looked similar to UMBRA.

Post the clip was shared many followers slammed the fiction especially the fist associated with ‘Black Lives Matter.’ One of the twitterati’s who works with Massive Entertainment from the Ubisoft stated that the clip was “gross and extremely disrespectful.”

To this Ubisoft released its apologies that the fiction was “insensitive and harmful in both its inclusion and how it was portrayed.” They also vowed that the fiction will be deleted in the upcoming updates of the game which is said to drop on September 1st for Android and “as soon as possible on iOS.”

Back from June, the firm has been criticized for its hectic and toxic work environment for a year. And in July the CEO of the firm stated that they are making sure to do necessary changes to have a better workplace.

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