Uber Launches a Helicopter with Sky-high Price!

Helicopters have been a part of the business and for own use amidst the plush hierarchy.

Helicopters have been a part of the business and for own use amidst the plush hierarchy. But operating it for common services has been quite rare especially for to and fro of common people.

But to make it possible Uber has come up with the idea of helicopter services the same as its cab. But as per reports, it consumes time from the usual cabs on road and also looks pricey. Besides, to reach the place cabs are required among the bustling traffic and then fly with a skipping heart over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The initiative was launched by the firm to fly to “John F. Kennedy Airport from Downtown Manhattan which is an 8 minutes journey.” The company plans to spread its wings across all the cities for people who travel on a daily basis to the nearby places.

Though Uber came up with a perception of providing pocket-friendly commutation in Wall Street, the buzz is will this initiative pave the way to what they expect? Well, we have to wait and watch!

When a test run was made last week it is said it costs about $205 for just a single trip to the Kennedy airport which was also quite consuming time an approximate of 55 minutes. The price included an “Uber X trip to the heliport which was 2.8 miles away and 5 minutes travel to the exact place which was the new TWA Hotel at the airport.”

Despite being a substitute for avoiding traffic but it turned out to be a nightmare. Instead of finishing it in “$61 it dragged to an extra $145.” It would have been better if Uber had come up with a better concept as this might turn a disaster.

If they had chosen electric flying cars rather than helicopters then it would have been a wiser choice. Moreover, there are plans to bring in “electric flights in places like Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne by 2023.”

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