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Cathay Pacific


Twitter trolls Cathay Pacific over inexplicable spell error

Cathay Pacific had its name painted as CATHAY PACIIC

It was sure a moment of laughter for travelers who witnessed what seemed like a ridiculous error from the much reputed Hong-Kong based airlines. Cathay Pacific had its name painted as CATHAY PACIIC in one of its jets that made its presence at the Hong Kong International Airport. It isn’t something that happens often and hence made humorous headlines very soon on the Internet. But, the situation turned even more hilarious when the airlines took it to Twitter to explain the mishap. “Oops this special livery won’t last long! She’s going back to the shop”, tweeted Cathay Pacific in its official page.

But, this didn’t let the social media users stay calm as trolls started flooding in the comments section.

One user had jokingly posted, “No f’s were given that day while the other made use of MS paint to actually add an F in the image. Though the aircraft took it on the lighter side, there is no way it would let such errors happen again.

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