Twitter Goes Crazy Over Lorde Being Sent to Prison!

But is she really going to the prison?

The Internet is a crazy place.

It makes the most absurd stuff trend. Like the Storm Area 51 event (which went up in smoke) and that moment when a NewYork subway rat was seen smuggling a slice of pizza.

This time around though, Queen of Alternative music Lorde is trending on the internet for the wrong reasons.

On October 7th. #FreeLorde has been trending on Twitter after rumors spread that she could be facing jail time. And her ardent fans, without proper evidence and fact-checking started a social media frenzy demanding she be released until it became joke.

But is she really going to jail?

Of course not. The Pure Heroine singer was believed to be facing a jail time after a law in New Zealand was passed stating that parents of students who drop out of high school and do not complete their studies will be fined hefty charges. And if you didn’t know, Lorde quit school when she was 16 back in 2013 so that she could pursue a career in music.

In a worst case scenario, she has to pay a fine of $3000. That’s pretty much it.

What’s more funny is the rise of memes and misinformation parodies that has been trending on Twitter under the hastag #FreeLorde. A few remarkable ones–





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