Travis Scott opens up on Astroworld’s Cover art accusations!

While Travis Scott’s Astroworld became an instant hit with its 17 tracks doing fabulously great, the issue on the album’s cover art remained a mystery. The American rapper had posted the cover on Instagram last week ultimately falling into the trap of controversy when it was revealed that trans star Amanda Lepore was ignored in the final cut. This led to a lot of public hatred including transphobic comments on Travis.

The 26-year-old singer had been mum on the issue and it was on Saturday that he decided to break his silence. “Astroworld is about love and expression not hate”, he posted as a response to all the controversies that were going on. He even personally addressed Lepore that she did upstage everyone in the image shot by LaChapelle. Amanda sure deserved an explanation for the doing and it was very responsible for Travis to have brought the issue to light.

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