Top Five Supernatural Series That Shouldn’t Be Missed!

Check out the top five must-watch supernatural series.

Top Five Supernatural Series That Shouldn’t Be Missed!
Top Five Supernatural Series That Shouldn’t Be Missed!

Are you a fan of vampires, ghosts, and witches? Then this article is just for you! To all the crazy fans of supernatural web series here is the list of the top five thrilling web series that you shouldn’t miss. 

  1. Vampire Dairies

Even though many vampire movies and series have come along, this one still holds the record for the best vampire web series. Vampire Diaries is composed of 8 seasons that will take us to the world of alluring vampires and witches who turn impossible events possible.

  1. The Originals

This web series will be more familiar to Vampire Diaries fans. The storyline revolves around the world’s first set of vampires and their struggle to save their family and relationship, in spite of each being a monster. 

  1. The Untamed

The Untamed is an Asian web series set in an ancient supernatural town in China. The plot centers on two youngsters who, although having completely different personalities, help preserve the truth.

  1. Stranger Things

This web series was one of the most trending series on Netflix. A youngster disappears due to paranormal forces in the story, and his loved ones struggle to save him from the terrible happenings.

  1. The Order

The Order is the 2019 Netflix series about a student fighting to revenge the death of his mother who finds himself caught between werewolves and black magic.

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