This Week’s Must-watch on Netflix!

Instead of scrolling down the endless list on Netflix, you should check out the list of most binge-worthy shows and movies. 

With 1000+ movies and TV shows to choose from, Netflix has a vast collection of movies and series; hence it is hard to find your personal favorite. If you are not sure what to watch on Netflix this week, we have picked some of the best movies and series you need to binge-watch.

It is time to grab popcorn and sit on your couch! Instead of scrolling down the endless list on Netflix, you should check out the list of most binge-worthy shows and movies.

Schitt’s Creek

With a nine-Emmys record, this outstanding Canadian sitcom is streaming on Netflix. It is all about a rich family who purchased a town as a joke. When the joke turns out on them, they almost lose everything that they own.

Who killed Sara?

This Mexican-flavoured mysterious series will keep you on the edge of the seat from beginning to end of the series. Netflix has introduced a compelling, revenge-thirsty death mystery of Sara that you can not miss watching this week.

Behind Her Eyes

Enjoy watching a three-way affair and unexpected mind games!

The British psychological thriller drama based on Sarah Pinborough’s book of the same name will give an engaging watch if you like a surprise ending. The story is based on a woman who has an affair with her boss and becomes friends with his wife, the plot moves by forming a love triangle. Try to watch this series to enjoy the shocking ending of the series this week.

I Care A Lot

This American Black comedy is starring Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike, played by Marla Grayson, a con artist. The story of the movie is fictional but depicts real-life crimes.

The film’s director and writer, J Blakeson, mentioned in a TIFF interview in 2020,

“The idea first came when I heard news stories about these predatory legal guardians who were exploiting this legal loophole and exploiting the vulnerability in the system to take advantage of older people, basically stripping them of their lives and assets to fill their own pockets.”

Malcolm & Marie

This movie is considered one of the best-filmed movies during the lockdown with its great performances, resonating conversation, and beautiful single-setting production. Enjoy watching this high-concept romance this week.

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