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Things you don’t know about Katherine Langford

Things You Don’t Know About Katherine Langford
Things You Don’t Know About Katherine Langford

The actress is well-known for her Hannah Baker role in 13 Reasons Why. Her screen performance has always been surprising for everyone. Read along to know more about the interesting facts of Katherine Langford.

  • You may expect Langford to be fully surrounded by the acting scenes only. But, in reality, she is a music lover. The Lady Gaga concert encouraged her to music more. Gaga’s show assists her to play the piano and begin performing. 
  • She is a competitor with a lot of talent. Katherine is also an athlete. Moreover, she swam for the Perth Modern School during her teenage. 
  • Katherine focuses more on her mental health. She educated herself to advance the importance of mental fitness. The actress was interested in this field before taking on the project 13 Reasons Why
  • Langford faced several rejections at the beginning of her career. She was rejected in the most acting auditions at the early time of her career. But, her role in 13 Reasons Why lead her to get huge roles in various movies and other tv shows. She had only ten days to receive a visa after being cast in 13 Reasons Why
  • She is Australian and still acts with a clean American accent. Langford did several vocal preparations to display American on-screen characters. Additionally, she prepared in contemporary and jazz styles to balance her vocal aptitudes. 

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