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Things to Note in Dwayne Johnson’s Live Session in Insta!

The video had Dwayne enjoying his French toast and gave a glimpse of his day to day activities and his cheat meal.

Though everybody is quarantining during this deadly pandemic outbreak there are certain things we can watch and enjoy. One such is Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram live video.

The video had Dwayne Johnson enjoying his French toast and gave a glimpse of his day to day activities and his cheat meal.

His menu had a classic French toast alongside Teremana tequila and many things that his followers would love to know.

The questions asked were slain with his style of answers. Let’s have a look!

Not Sure on “Jungle Cruise” Release

The film starring Dwayne alongside Emily Blunt has no clue whether it will have the July release due to the globally affected Corona.

He said: “We’ll see,” he said, adding that its release depends on “if we’re able to flatten this curve.”

Further, he added that film lovers will have the assurance of “having the emotional confidence to get back into theaters again.”

All theatres across the world have been shut and some have been firing its workers due to the losses the cinemas are facing.

Seen Listening to Taylor Swift’s Songs

When asked on his favorite music he just tuned on to his playlist which began with “Shake It Off”.

To this, he said: “Taylor is great, she’s my buddy.”

It was also a reminder that he voiced over in “The Man” in swifts’ latest song.

Hint on the Next Sequel of Fast and Furious

Though there is no official statement on the upcoming sequel of Fast and Furious, Dwayne gave his fans a hint that there are developments for the sequel.

Further, he also stated that he supported the concept of all-girls “Fast and Furious” spin-off.

A Big ‘Tiger King’ Fan

He is like any other follower who loves the ‘Tiger King’ show which has been one of the most-watched on Netflix. Dwayne Johnson said that he has been obsessed with the documentary series as the characters are quite peculiar emphasizing “America’s big cat world.”

He also stated that he was so addicted that he wished to get the rights of the film as his Seven Bucks Productions would add more “special” to it. But sadly he was too late for it as somebody else had grabbed it.

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