AMC Studios Starts Filming the Final Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

Kevin Deioldt officially announced the news to the TWD fans via his Twitter handle.

The final season of one of the biggest TV series across the world, ‘The Walking Dead’ is gaining momentum. After a year-long postponement due to the COVID pandemic, the film crew begins the shooting of its much-anticipated final season. Season 11 of this renowned series is produced and written by Kevin Deioldt and he himself officially announced the news to the fans via his Twitter handle.

“Kudos to our crew and cast (ass-kickers, the lot of ‘em!) on the long-awaited start of filming for S11,” he tweeted on Monday (February 8) confirming the news. “A full (effed up) year in the works, we truly hope it’s worth the wait.”

‘The Walking Dead’ Creeps Out The Fans With A Gross Sex Scene!


February 2020

cThe TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ set a new high on creepiness in a sex scene involving a character wearing a rotten face-mask and a man. The fans seem to have gagged and traumatized by watching the scene and badly want to unsee what they’ve just witnessed.

The scene from season 10 goes with the conversation,

‘You’re a crass man,’ Alpha tells Negan in the forest scene. ‘I reckoned you might appreciate a crass reward.’

Negan responds: ‘Are you just gonna leave that mask on?’

But after Alpha replies, ‘Does my true skin disturb you?’ Negan surprisingly grins: ‘Not at all. Weirdly, the opposite.’

The scene continues with a disgusting kiss and nudity,

Soon the fans took to Twitter to express their disgust,

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